UK Prime Minister and Me


Hi there You will see from the Invitation on the right just how important I am becoming since I started this website. The Prime Minster David Cameron has invited me to attend his house at 10 Downing Street to celebrate St Andrew’s Day.  I was tempted to say YES just so he could feel proud […]

Car Boot Sales at Inveruie


I love taking my Mummy to the Car Boot Sale at Thanestone near Inveruie (but only when it is a warm dry day). There are so many different things for me to look at and smell it is a dream holiday time. Better than going to Disneyworld in Florida (although I have not actually been […]

My Mummy is Missing and I Am Worried

help find mummy

My mummy has gone missing Yes, my mummy went out this morning at 08:50 am saying she was going to the shoppe. Other people call it a shop but she must be right in the way she pronounces it and everyone else wrong.  But she went out nearly two hours ago. I know she left […]

Did you know you can email me?

Jack is getting emails every day from Facebook

Did you know you could send me an email? I get them from from Facebook every day asking me if I know various people. I don’t really know who this kid in the photo is but it reminds of the film You’ve Got Mail Remember when AOL was sending out CDs in the post as spam […]

Jack Saves Mummy From The ….

Jack Russell Thomson

Jack was the talk of the town. He was a fifteen month old Jack Russell puppy. As young as he was, he had a job. A very important job. He was in charge of keeping Mummy and Daddy safe. Mummy had to ride on an electric mobility scooter to get around. Jack loved to jump […]

Help Me I Am Getting Confused

help me sort out him out

I think I need professional help.  I know it sounds unbelievable that some one like me would need help but I need my head sorting out. Can you please help me?  I Need to know whether it my mummy and daddy who need educating or whether I need to understand a bit more about how […]

Who is the Churchill Dog?

Churchill Insurance Dog

Woof Woof to you all. I have been watching the TV a lot lately.  I don’t know what Mummy sees in Coronation Street or Eastenders but some other adverts are just so embarrassing to us dogs. Take for example, that one about the car insurance company set up by Churchill one of the Bulldog tribe. […]

I am feeling bored.

panda car in Bucksburn Aberdeen

Woof Woof to you. I am getting really bored it is Sunday afternoon and I have no-one to play with.  So I am back on my laptop writing up another page so you know how I feel. My daddy is working on his computer must be writing another book the time he has been on […]

Jacks Kennel Rules

jack with dad

Jack’s Kennel Rules   Human Activities When you are leaving our kennel (home) you must take me with you at all times. I understand there are several human activities such as going out to work or to the doctor. Any sensible dog would find this extremely boring but these visits should be the exception rather […]